Sustainable solutions for organizations

in 4 steps

What are we looking at?

We start by jointly determining the perspective or the viewing direction.

What is the story? How wide do we look? Does the issue concern a group-wide, local problem or is it just one isolated issue (scope)? Wat moet worden verbeterd, opgelost of veranderd (focus)?

We determine the scopeand then the focuswith the stakeholders involved.


What will be revealed?

WithBROADVIEW | explore!we dive deep into the case in (maximum) 2 dialogue sessions with all the relevant stakeholders.

What works positively, what works against? What influences what? What do we not see in the picture? What to do or not to do? What do we underestimate or overestimate? Where is the driving force in the system and where does the energy disappear?

The workings and dynamics of the systembecome clearly visible.

What are we tackling?

The underlying system is in focus: the workings and logic of relationships between all the factors, influences and connections. New possibilities will come to the surface.

We test these alternatives: which possible actions influence which (unexpected) places in the system? And which of those lead to sustainable success?

Goals are formulated and a roadmap is being designed in the process.


What do we adjust?

When analyzing the overall picture, not only new possibilities emerge. One can also see at which moments in the implementation phase these new actions can come under pressure.

The design and planning of the implementation is therefore adaptive: possible deviations, risks and malfunctions are defined in advance in the implementation. Adjustment therefore becomes an active and integral part of the implementation, adaptive planning thus.


Improvement of the performance of a municipal sectoral company

Three system analyzes, real-time on multiple layers in the organization, immediately provided a deeper insight into the dynamics of performance and mutual collaboration and coordination and overall performance.

On an operational, tactical and strategic level, the results of the analysis led to a coherent series of decisions and interventions, resulting in a sustainable improvement in performance.

Simulation of banking strategy

With tailor-made simulations, stakeholders were able to gain insight into the dynamics of the aspects that can lead to desired, but also unsolicited developments of the current situation. With a view of the mutual relationships and dynamics that remained hidden for the time being, alternative decisions were put on the table.

Profit in multiple areas at an incredibly low investment.

Analysis of the force field for internal stakeholders

In a few dialogue sessions with the stakeholders and shareholders in the set-up phase of a large security project, a substantially higher degree of ownership arose under the motto:

‘eager to participate / eager to be engaged’.

Successful scale-up

Key question: how do we manage to convert the great success in the startup phase into a mature company with sustainable success? After a brief intensive analysis, a number of related aspects emerged that together play a key role in the scale-up of the company.

Stagnation of success

Within a successful company, the results in one product group lagged behind. This phenomenon steadily got a grip on the overall performance of the company.

A systemic analysis soon revealed that there were a number of unwanted side effects that slowly but surely brought success and growth to a halt.

With these aspects in view, a series of new decisions were taken that brought the matter back on track.

Disruption in change process

Despite all communication efforts and inventories, the rollout of an organizational change process remains stuck on the cooperation of one specific team.

After looking at the origin of the problem in a completely different (divergent) way, a special problem was uncovered: the team leader revealed that he had been able to avoid any reporting for years and had come to disguise that he was practically illiterate. His openness was set publicly as an example, the employer started a language course for several colleagues and the organizational change got off the ground.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating

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