It is time

for a more special path

to fundamental solutions

the challenge

We all know them. The issues you can’t figure out. Elusive issues that keep repeating themselves, problems that escalate or seem to suddenly take you by surprise.

Both individually and collectively in our society, we sometimes have to deal with situations that seem hardly solvable with conventional means and cause a lot of damage.

the way out

There are enormous gains to be made when we can understand these types of complex problems at a deeper level.

Not by conducting intensive and long-term research into it, or following a new belief, trend or hype, but by consulting the phenomenon that manifests itself around us every day: the dynamics of nature of which we are a part. .

the whole

In nature things rarely exist in isolation. They are part of a larger whole with its own dynamics: things continuously influence each other and are jointly responsible for all kinds of actions, reactions and results.

This coherent dynamic is also present in our own daily reality, in our physical and psychological condition, our well-being, our activities, companies, projects and results.

the coherence

If we look at the world in this way, we see that events, circumstances, but also feelings, thoughts and ideas are never isolated.

They are connected in many ways and influence each other positively or negatively. They strengthen or weaken, stimulate or slow down each other. In all kinds of combinations they bring success, setbacks, sudden changes or the absence of them.

the system

Every situation can be visualized as a system.

And once such an image is clearly in sight, you can play with it. You influence the system in one place and immediately see what happens in other places. You can add, remove, enlarge or reduce things and see what the consequences might be.

Until you understand the real dynamics. And that often happens remarkably quickly.

the tools

Although we often experience the opposite, complex issues can be set into motion. Sometimes surprisingly easily. There are always openings and possibilities to be found!

To make system problems accessible, understandable and manageable, we have developed a number of special combinations of technology and methodology.


A very accessible interactive application.

Special tools with which we can visualize the operation of the system hidden behind the issue in a sharp dialogue (live and remote).

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To give shape to the results of the system analysis and not let them slip into the ‘old patterns and practices’, we have exe! developed.

A methodology that shapes an adaptive implementation in an extremely communicative manner.

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short tracks

Trainings, workshops, presentations and hackathons in the field of practical applications of systems thinking, system dynamics and brain learning.

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Intensive program about the theoretical basis and practical applications of systems thinking, system dynamics, other system theory, divergent and lateral thinking and the possibilities and limitations of our physical brain.

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If you look closely at a frog's tail, you will see that it has none.

Lao Tse

application in practice



The operation of an underlying system can be discovered anywhere In major national or international issues, but also in an urban area, in an organization, in a team, a group or in ourselves as an individual.

Complexity is not tied to the size or scope of an issue. For that reason, we have developed our methodology and technology as openly as possible: explore! both as an exe can be applied to any situation in which complexity hinders visibility.

View the examples.

society & public administration

Social issues, administrative projects in which the force field with many parties, interests and contradictions is quickly and clearly visualized:

which actions, decisions and interventions have which consequences in the short and longer term?

cases: administrative power in crisis situations / political administrative feasibility, analysis and simulation of negotiation processes, analysis of strong influx of asylum seekers and integration of status holders, analysis of basic support in primary education, development of stakeholder participation platforms, influencing the dynamics of the labor market, problems of coordination and financing in the social domain, effectiveness in the cooperation of public services, options for tackling shrinking regions, delays in the implementation of regulations, exposing fraud systems, risk management in social projects.

“A systemic dialogue with representatives from all parties involved provided a disturbing picture of the ways in which the initiatives of one party unintentionally, but structurally, counteract the initiatives of the other party.

With this insight, actions can be coordinated much more accurately, resulting in significantly less energy and resources being lost.”

development of public space

Developments in the public space in which the force fields with many parties, interests and contradictions are clearly visualized. Along which paths does support & trust arise and disappear? Which projectmanagement best suits the individuality of the project? Which actions, decisions and interventions have successfull consequences in the short and longer term?

Cases: various support and feasibility analyses, increasing opportunities in procurement and tender processes, dealing with political decision-making and the forces of interest groups, analysis and simulation of force fields in integrated area development and extensive infrastructural and environmental projects.


business strategy

Design of a business strategy, in which all relevant connections are made between forces that play internally and externally around the company: which actions, decisions and interventions have which consequences in the short and longer term? What brings sustainable success to the company? Which risks can be predicted over time and what does that mean for the new plans?

Cases: agility in narrow and rapidly changing markets, management of strong growth / sudden shrinkage, stalled or stagnant organizational change, strategy development in cultural interventions, intervention in problematic structural absenteeism, dynamics in inflow, flow and outflow of personnel, analysis and simulation of business processes, value chains , resources & conditions, adaptive workforce.

finance & riskmanagement

Analyse van groei, krimp, kansen en bedreigingen, risk, governance & compliance, testen van scenario’s en interventies, ontwerp en uitvoering van adaptieve implementaties welke acties, beslissingen en interventies hebben welke gevolgen op korte en langere termijn?

cases: simulatie model bancaire strategie, systeemanalyse: werkelijke oorzaken van omvangrijke ongewenste financiële transacties (anti money laundry- anti terrorism financing-act), opsporen van zwakke plekken in compliance-ketens en in het beheersen van risico’s, ontwikkeling intern eigenaarschap, analyse communicatie in omvangrijk intern security-project, ontvlechting samenwerkingsverband van een cluster van financieringsfondsen, analyse van de spanning tussen business values – en dagelijkse managementbeslissingen.


In contrast to the above application areas, this concerns individual complex issues: identifying the interrelationship of all aspects that directly or indirectly influence someone’s overall well-being negatively or positively. Caring, nursing, treating, coaching or guiding someone is considerably more successful when decisions are made together with the client based on this context.

cases: multi-problem analysis in home care and palliative care, in highly complex cases in disability care, complex family problems and youth care. Specific analyzes in cases involving ‘confused people on the street’. This is based on the principles of positive health and general well-being.

“Mr De V.’s case is a recurring item on the agenda of the three-weekly multi-disciplinary consultation. Despite all care and assistance, V. continues to cause considerable nuisance in the neighborhood.

During a short system analysis within the broad team, it quickly became apparent that crucial information was interpreted differently in the chain of 23 disciplines involved. Conflicting communications and opposing actions caused much confusion. And not just at De V.

 With this new view of the matter, congruence was brought into the case and translated into an alternative approach, focused on possibilities that no one had yet seen and which led to remarkably positive results in Mr. De V.’s life”.

work & education

These applications also involve complex individual issues.

Too often we, but also our children, are confronted in school, study or career with the need to make a single assessment as a basis for an important decision.

Here too, gaining a clear insight into the coherence of the aspects that directly or indirectly influenced someone’s learning and development greatly increases the chances in a learning process, the development of or return to a career.

Guiding, coaching or supporting and helping someone is considerably more successful when decisions are made together based on this context.

Cases: disentangling dilemmas and (im)possibilities in fundamental career decisions, quickly gaining a clear picture of the system dynamics in multi-problem cases in youth care and special education; analysis of sudden dramatic decline in study results; analysis of learning opportunities in combination with multi-problems, analysis of possibilities in complex reintegration process; analysis of stuck conflicts and clashing interests.