makes the dynamics of complex issues visible and understandable
In 4 steps from preparation to implementation

1. What are we looking at?

Prior to the use of EXPLORE!, we determine 3 essential matters:

1.  the SCOPE: how wide do we look? Does the issue concern a group-wide, local problem or is it just one isolated issue?

2. the FOCUS: what is the central theme? What do we want to see increase or decrease?

3. the composition of the group of professionals who will participate in the analysis. Determination of common knowledge level, starting point and assurance of safety.

2. construction of the model

In this second step we determine a number of key issues based on the SCOPE.
These are the different perspectives that can play a role around the FOCUS.
We then include a number of aspects for each key issue that may influence the FOCUS.

3. the system to be revealed

In 2 dialogue sessions we delve deeply into the identified case with the relevant stakeholders.

What works positively, what works against? What influences what? What do we not see in the picture? What to do or not to do? What do we underestimate or overestimate? Where is the driving force in the system and where does the energy disappear?

The mutual relationships are visualized and the full dynamics of the system become visible.

4. results & implementation

We conclude the analysis with an inventory of the insights and conclusions, including a short list of promising ideas, quick wins, but also with the ‘switches’ that can be turned to tackle the issue sustainably.

These revenues are included in reporting and are ready for implementation.

For a promising application of the new insights, an adaptive implementation that ensures that the new opportunities do not slip away or get bogged down in old patterns and practices, look at the methodologyBROADVIEW | exe.

Using EXPLORE! for complex individual issues

In addition to the above application areas, explore! extremely suitable for the analysis of complex individual issues: together with the person concerned, quickly and comprehensibly identifying the coherence between aspects that directly or indirectly affect someone’s health, happiness, well-being, learning and development negatively or positively to influence.

Working, learning and studying, guiding and coaching, caring for, nursing and treating someone is considerably more successful when decisions are made together from this context.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating

Our ambitions are high, as are our promises. To discover the reality behind the marketing, we invite you to thoroughly test our promises:

choose a complex situation from your own practice. Contact us and we will tackle that issue live at your table (or remote via Teams etc.) and show you in less than an hour how we jointly visualize new possibilities!

Come and taste!