Cost saving and quality improvement

in healthcare looking at individuals with multi-problems in 4 steps

The whole story

We take a broad look at the entire situation of the client and the story behind this. Actually taking an integral look at the complex set of individual problems, where the challenge is to do this without extra time investment.

We train (neighborhood / care) teams to dive into a client’s story in a systemic and divergent way. Starting from the aspects of, for example, ‘Positive Health’, overall well-being, self-reliance or directly in line with one’s own vision on care, cure and help.

Multiple-layered view

The story of a client has many layers. Directly visible, but also things that are not yet in the picture, but still can be things that exert considerable influence.

WithBROADVIEW | explore!we quickly get these aspects at the table.

What works positively, what works against? What influences what? What do we fail to see? What to do or not to do? Where lies the driving force in the client’s system and where does the energy disappear?

The workings and dynamics of the client’s integrated system become clearly visible.

Integrated approach

The system as a whole is our focus: the relationships, influences and connections in the client’s story. With this total picture it becomes clear which approach influences which (unexpected) places in the system. Options and alternatives are simulated and tested for sustainable results.

With this new information, goals are defined and actions are planned.

Integration in team & process

The application BROADVIEW | explore! fits (technically and methodically) seamlessly into the structure of a methodical care / help process.

The application can be connected to a client file as a by-pass: with a highly complex case, the client specifications are loaded into explore! The professionals analyze (live, remotely via Skype or sitting together with the client) the case at hand.

Goals and actions are automatically redirected to the client file.

Coordination Healthcare - Education

In a dialogue with stakeholders on the substantive and process-based coordination between (youth) care and education, the underlying reasons for the lack of cooperation were clearly highlighted:

unequal expectations back and forth, influenced by years of image building from different parties, the lack of openness in communication and the uncertainty about ‘backing’ from the supporters.

Effectiveness chain management WMO

Together with all stakeholders, the dynamics of a number of “wicked cases” were examined.

The aspects in the system that were responsible for failures in cooperation, dependencies and coordination problems were clearly highlighted.

It also became clear on which points positive efforts lead to opposite results. With these insights in view, exceptional results could be achieved with relatively minor adjustments.

Multi-problem case in home care

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Problems 'confused people on the street'

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The proof of the pudding is in the eating

Our ambitions are high, as are our promises. To discover the reality behind the marketing, we invite you to thoroughly test our promises.

Choose a complex multi-problem case from your own practice. Contact us and we will pick up that issue live at your table (or via Skype) and show you the added value of in less than an hour BROADVIEW | explore! and the underlying divergent and systemic thinking.

Come and taste!